The International Workers’ Day 01.05.2023

01/05/2023 Home24h

On May 1st every year, workers around the world come together to celebrate International Workers’ Day. This is a historic moment of great significance, a day of celebration and a day of action for international workers in protecting their rights.

The day’s origin began in Chicago, USA. In 1886, in the Chicago Industry, the Congress of the American Federation of Labor passed a resolution stating: “… From May 1, 1886, the working day of all workers shall be eight o’clock. “. This is a meaningful occasion to remind the importance of fair and appropriate treatment for employees in the working environment.

Life needs to have a balance between work – study and leisure – rest. Even the phone needs to buy a protective case, we ourselves work hard to make money but are not properly taken care of. In modern life, humans and society put money first and thoroughly use themselves for the work of making money.

A tired body, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and lack of nutrition leads to a lack of creativity, lack of dynamism, and lack of clarity to make the right decisions. From there, it affects work efficiency.

Therefore, in addition to skills, the mental life and health of workers should be given more attention to achieve certain work productivity.

Home24H Co., Ltd would like to wish good health to all employees who are working hard all over the world.

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