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08/03/2023 Home24h

Everything that exists in the universe needs a balance of yin and yang as day and night,  the moon and sun, men and women, etc. Therefore, Equality is required to construct and develop a sustainable society.

Although the movements for gender equality are widely propagated, the issue still persists in our society.


Figure: Survey results on gender bias that are detrimental to women in the work environment (In Focus: International Women’s Day, 2023)

Since the 19th century, protests have continued to reflect women’s poor and unfair working conditions (About International Women’s Day, n.d). With the innovation in technology, from the working environment to social activities, the issue of gender equality needs more attention than ever.

“The focus in this year’s Day is innovation and technology for gender equality” (Azoulay, 2023)

Ignoring all differences in ethnicity, culture, and language, women deserve respect and love.

On March 8, 2023, we wish Home24H’s customers and female partners in particular and women around the world a lot of health, success and joy in life.

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