The Drawer Cabinet Is Crafted From Water Hyacinth Simple Modern And Eco Friendly


In today’s world, people’s demands for products are increasing. For instance, a customer requires a simple, modern, yet eco-friendly product to reduce the amount of waste in society. That’s why many artisanal companies were established, including our company, Home24h with a commitment to eco-friendly products, made from 100% natural materials. Today, Home24h would like to […]

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Placemats, Tablemats Natural Material Mats Are The Beauty Of Dining Table Decor.

Placemats, tablemats – Natural Material Mats are the beauty of dining table decor.

Environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important in our lives. Will be happier when eco-friendly choices their way into our homes. Placemats and tablemats, crafted from natural materials, stand as shining examples of this eco-conscious revolution. These accessories are not just decor; they strike a harmonious balance in dining table decor. In this post, Home24h will […]

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Laundry Baskets Crafted From Natural Materials


In the busy world, every moment is very valuable, and keeping our homes organized and efficient has become a top priority. Households use laundry baskets as an accessory essential for the family. Nowadays, in the environmentally awareness world, we always find products of natural materials such as water hyacinth, seagrass, bamboo or rattan, etc. Enter […]

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Planter Pots


Nowadays, people are paying increasing attention to environmental protection. That’s why products made from popular natural materials such as water hyacinth, seagrass, bamboo, rattan, and more are becoming popular. These materials not only align with eco-friendly values but also offer a unique and sustainable way to enhance our daily lives. One fantastic way to do […]

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Water Hyacinth Pet House, Cat House

Water Hyacinth Pet House, Cat House – Restful Paradise for Your Pets

    Being a pet lover like a cat, dog, you know how essential it is to provide your best friend with a cozy and secure space. That’s where the Water Hyacinth Pet House, Cat House comes into play – a restful paradise crafted for your pet, your cat’s. Follow Home24h, We will introduce you […]

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Water Hyacinth Handbags made by artisans

WATER HYACINTH HANDBAGS – A Sustainable Blend of Style and Eco-Friendly

Not only in the realm of fashion, but also in today’s context as well, products made from eco-friendly materials have become increasingly popular. There are numerous natural materials available such as seagrass, water hyacinth, woven bamboo, etc. Today, Home 24h would like to introduce you to Water Hyacinth Handbags.     Why should you choose […]

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Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets Handcrafted In Vietnam (1)

Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets Handcrafted in Vietnam

    In the realm of sustainable home organization and interior design, Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets have emerged as both a functional and eco-friendly choice. These beautifully crafted baskets, made from natural water hyacinth fibers, not only help you keep your living spaces organized but also contribute to a greener planet. According to this blog […]

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The 48th Day of Southern Liberation and National Reunification 30.04.1975 – 30.04.2023

30/04 annually is the Vietnamese important national holiday. Thanks to the wise leadership of the Party and the resilience of the soldiers’ brave, on April 30, 1975, the Southern Vietanm won a victory and completely unified the territory of Vietnam. Today, April 30, 2023, marks the 48th anniversary of Vietnam’s complete liberation. This is a […]

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Activities In Hung King Temple Festival Source. Alotrip

The Hung Kings Commemorations 2023

The 10th day of the third lunar month every year is a special day that reminds the Vietnamese about the Hung Kings’ Merits who contributed to building and preserving the country. It is an annual festival that reminds the Vietnamese of our nation’s roots. When performing worship rituals, there are usually music, offerings, and a […]

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